Aggressive Advocacy For Landowners With Environmental, Pollution And Nuisance Issues

If you discover contamination, pollution or damage to your property caused by oil and gas operations or other energy related activities, the Oklahoma law firm that safeguards your interests in negotiations and in the courtroom is Tisdal & O'Hara, PLLC.

Unfortunately, on many occasions an environmental issue is so pronounced that a dispute over hazardous waste, pollution or contamination can only be resolved through litigation. Our skilled energy law firm has represented many clients, in a wide variety of complex civil litigation cases involving environmental issues.

Applying our many years of experience, broad knowledge of nuisance law and track record of success in cases of polluted water and contaminated property, Tisdal & O'Hara seeks the maximum financial compensation you deserve. Along the way, clients receive attentive personal service — prompt answers to questions, swift responses to crises and regular updates on the status of their case.

Experienced Attorneys Protect Your Environmental Rights

Find out how our lawyers can help if your property has been contaminated, polluted or damaged in any way. You can reach our Clinton/Custer County office at 580-323-3964 or our Oklahoma City office at 405-471-5226. You can also contact us by email.