Were You Injured On The Job?

Work accidents in oil fields, at construction sites, in warehouses and factories can cause serious injury, permanent disability and wrongful deaths that devastate families.

The dedicated personal injury attorneys who protect your rights — and pursue the financial compensation you need to recover, financially and health-wise — are Tisdal & O'Hara, PLLC.

Our years of experience with successfully negotiating and litigating for the rights of injured workers across the state have built a recognized reputation for positive results in personal injury claims. This track record should give you the confidence you need to pursue legal action against those responsible for unsafe working conditions — and the financial compensation you need to rebound from this dramatic setback.

Tisdal & O'Hara excels at conducting in-depth investigation into the causes of oil and gas and work accidents and identifying negligent parties. After listening to your account of your work accident, we look carefully into every detail of cases involving defective work equipment, large falling objects, unsafe areas that promote jarring slip-and-falls, poorly maintained scaffolding, third-party claims arising from accidents in company vehicles, and many others.

Experienced Trial Representation For Oklahoma's Injured Workers

Our contingency fee policy frees you of any responsibility for attorney fees unless we win your case. Therefore, you have nothing to lose and much to gain, potentially, by contacting us.

When a work-related accident interrupts your life, you can depend on the lawyers of Tisdal & O'Hara, PLLC. You can reach our Clinton/Custer County office at 580-323-3964 or our Oklahoma City area office at 405-471-5226. You can also contact us by email.